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Best Choice Lawn Aeration recommends “topdressing” lawns with a thin layer of compost. The material is spread in spring or fall, depending on weather conditions. Why compost, you may be wondering? When we apply a layer of compost to your yard, it improves the moisture-holding capacity of the soil, adds nutrients, and even feeds soil microbes. These microbes are essential to the complex process that makes food available to grass plants. A healthy microbe population promotes a lush, green lawn. It’s important to only use the best compost available in this process, however. How can you know that it is “good” compost? Consider these questions:

  • Is it at the finished stage?
  • Does it contain unwanted ingredients such as dyes or building materials?
  • Are there viable weed seeds in the material?
  • Could it have pesticide residues?

Best Choice only uses compost that has undergone compost-specific testing. The result? We use only the best compost. That way, we can be sure of the outcome and you can be sure your lawn will radiate good health and project a high-quality appearance for many years to come. In a southern region like the Houston area, top dressing compost services work best throughout the warm season but can effectively promote the health of your lawn at any time.

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